Sunday, November 10, 2013

In The Midst Of SPM

Assalammualaikum peeps! 

  Gosh, it took me forever to update my blog. Please pay more attention to the tittle of this post. oh so exhilarating right? (k, sense my sarcasm bebs). I'm currently licking my times as a highschooler.

  As I'm writting this, I actually passed my first and second paper for spm which is bm and english, that means & more subjects go! lets rock it! Alhamdulillah everything went well. I can say that bm is not that simple and not that hard. quite moderate. But for some people like me, the lazy one hehe, its quite hard. But despite all, Imma say that it was a success kot? hoho. I must say I am not a hardworking yet the bookworm-typed person. But during the last few days before spm, i seemed to study more. I spent most my weekend in the library with some of my friends from stad and the others as well. I will always miss the moment when i get to spend my entire time of my life with my friends well i almost spend my entire teenage life in stad. 

  By all means, good luck everyone of you! goodluck for our remaining papers! All the best! Fighting! Trust Allah in everything and you will gain everything! InsyaAllah. Assalammualaikum :)

  Wanna see my graduation photos? hehe i would attach it even if you dont haha xD

That's me holding a scroll with my pengetua :)

The Muhrizians xD

A model plus princess wannabe post is a must xP



  1. Good luck dear! u can do it! chayok2x! =)

  2. Индивидуалки Киева Мы живем, потому что Надежда обращается к Памяти, и обе нам лгут. A model plus princess wannabe post is a must xP
    Если хочешь, чтобы у тебя было мало времени, ничего не делай.