Tuesday, February 22, 2011

exam? next week?

oh my gosh!!! next week dah exam. gosh. semalam aku try nak study, tapi gile gile tak masuk otak. tak tau kenape. i lost my 100% focus. why its happend to me at this time? why? i must get the better result than last year. during cikgu mengajar pon aku dah tak focus. siap tertidor lagi mase geografi. tak peernah aku tertidur dalam kelas bile cikgu mengajar. nape? Emira! Emira! wake up! u have a very very big task this year. do u want people compare u n your brother? no right. mama always says, 'kakngah, 8A k?', n i answer, 'insyaallah ma'. easy to say but hard to do. not very hard to some people, but absolutely not me.

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