Sunday, February 13, 2011

visit along :)

Today I went to visit my brother at his new school is Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah. when I saw my brother, I felt really really surprised. he looks much thinner than before. after that, we all went out to eat. Mama cooked for along, along ate so much, 3 kali dia tambah. My brother said the food in schools is not nice at all. hhahah. I think maybe because of it he became much thinner than before.  he played clarinet. i think tahat is not is not a problem him anymore as he already played it before. after that, we went to the masjid besi, very beautiful. but the weird thing is the prayer hall, lelaki dan perempuan dia gabung, tak asing. pelik la tu. My brother is only allowed out to outting at 12.30 pm and returned at 6.00 pm. so, after solat, we sent my brother back to school. My brother looked very tired and sleepy. kesian. i bet he did not have enough time to rest.

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