Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hello everybody! hehe. Peace yo Peace!
See. He looks so cute even he is sleeping. Cik yed, please stop saying that he is gay!

  So yeah, I'm gonna tell about my holiday vacation. As I'm typing this, I am listening to Sunggyu's 60 sec. k haha. favourite song. I'll give the link if you are interested to hear this song and lazy lazy to youtube it. haha. Its awesome k this song and the mv. The best thing about the video is it have my husband in it. #Eh xD 

So, we went to Cambodia a day after along finished his last paper. fyi, my brother just finished his SPM. haha. So, mmm we were there for 5 days. 3days in Seam Reap and another 2 in Phnom Penh. The place was totally awesome. Salu baca dan tengok gambar Angkor Wat kat buku teks sejarah form 4 je, so finally we went there. Eh jap, tipah whatsapp. k back to the topic, the Angkor Wat is so vast and really huge. 34 km persegi and it has 27 temple if I'm not mistaken but we went to 3 temple only. tu pun rasanya kaki macam nak jadi jelly dah. very the exhausting kays. Its a temple so theres a lot of patung patung and we were asked to baca doa and ayat kursi at the threshold before masuk the temple. Those patung was like making me so jakuns because it was like besar gila kalah size badan Professor Hagrid. ohoho. kejakunan saya terserlah tak? I wish I can upload some pictures. but if you nak tengok, i have some in my instagram and twitter, click here. follow me if you wish. haha. we did go to the place where Angelina Jolie shoot cerita apa i lupa and ammm dujun from b2st pun penah datang. hakhak.

This is the first temple and its huge. the air thingy is actually tasik and for real atas air ni actually ada banyak teratai tapi you shan't even see one pun in this pic. 

lol thats me with selendangpinkkaksungjae. lol. see, I'm so tiny compared to all those temples or buildings or whatever you call it lah :P

  During this time, memang ramai pelancong asing if i would say termasuk i. haha. its school holiday kan. of course lah. haha. Masa ni its near musim sejuk, so its quite windy lah actually tapi panas jugak lah. lol lupa nak bagitau nak masuk territory Angkor Wat ni kena bayar 20 USD, convert duit sini about RM60++ lah but its worth it. You can see how curam the tangga is kan from the picture yang ada i tu, on my right side. hmm. but that one dah tutup maybe ada orang tergolek mati kots, haha, ada lagi satu laluan on the other side. eleh. actually sama je curam but that new one ada holder lah. naik ok lagi, nak turun omangai seram siot. masa nak turun tu, i actually duduk sambil turun sebab takut jatuh, dahlah tinggi bebenor. haih. mama laughed at me. Dekat tangga atas tu got this gold coloured lizard. its GOLD in colour. tak pernah gua nampak.

  After Angkor Wat, we went to this Tasik Tonle Sap. Familiar sangat nama ni kan. Geografi and sejarah pun kita belajar. Naik boat with our tourist guide. Its fun. Lama kots dekat 2 jam. the Tasik Tonle Sap got Crocodile, banyak weh, more than 20 ekoq. the best thing is they were in a cage. ahaha. tergelak-gelak tengok diorang sempit dalam cage. haha. The environment was interesting, maybe takkan ada kat Malaysia lah. Rumah atas air. Rumah tu boleh bergerak ikut air pasang surut. its like malam ni you tidur pandang pokok ni, then tomorrow morning bangun pandang nampak benda lain. Its funny coz you can even see kedai runcit terapung. there's even ada orang bela babi atas boat. dad took the pic but its in the camera. haih. Siap ada basketball floating atas air lagi i tell you. wahaha. seriously. 

Till then, hope you enjoy it! Assalammualaikum <3

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