Friday, June 22, 2012

Dyslexia and Autism

Assalammualaikum! How are you, my good friend?

 I hope you are doing well. As for me, I am in the pink of health. aceceh. lol. Speaking of health, I'm here today with a mission. Yes, I will talk about Dyslexia and Autism. So, some of you who are also my twitter follower knows I've been tweeted about this 2 penyakit quite recently. well, I'm quite interested with all of this. 

So, lets start it. First of all, I would like to give the definition of this 2 penyakit that we gonna share in case you all never heard about it. okay eh? hee~ usually, children yang akan menghidap penyakit ini. dlam hal ini, adalah sangat penting as a parent untuk memantau pembesaran anak dari segi fizikal dan juga mental. Dyslexia and autism are both development and neurological disorders. People with dyslexia only the reading ability is affected whereas in autism multiple aspects of development such as language, social communication are affected.

People with Dyslexia most commonly can't read, write and count. but some of them have their special ability like drawing and menghafal. In other words, they have their special ability which are not found in normal person like me in fact. In case like a parent who have children yang selalu gagal or failed in almost or completely all subjects, should immediately bring the child to Pedriatist ( doktor kanak-kanak ). Because usually it is a petanda bahawa anak itu mempunyai masalah dalam pembelajaran. macam yang saya katakan, orang yang menghidap penyakit ini tidak tahu membaca, menulis dan mengira. so, penting untuk seseorang ibu bapa melihat pembesaran anak dengan sempurna untuk mengelakkan perkara yang tidak diingini berlaku.

Yes, I know, its not as simple as we thought, growing a child with health problem is so hard. some parents can even neglected their children just like that. Dalam Islam, kita ada disuruh untuk berusaha kan? Pada pendapat saya, parents yang dah tahu tentang penyakit anak mereka ini haruslah mencari penawar bagi menyembuhkan penyakit anak mereka. Penyakit ini boleh sembuh sebenarnya depends on their tahap I think. I'm not sure. But as long as I know, it can be sembuh. 

Some case, although they don't have the ability to read, write, but they do have the ability to memorize. cadangan saya, apa kata anda membawa anak anda itu ke pusat pengajian Tahfiz? mmm, mana tahu anak itu dapat menjadi seorang Tahfiz yang berjaya? mereka juga ada kelebihan menghafal bukan? mana tahu kelebihan anak itu lebih cenderung kearah itu. sekurang-kurangnya mereka dapat menjadi seorang manusia yang berguna jugak. kita tak boleh lah pandang rendah terhadap mereka :)

Some artist also stuck with this Dyslexia just like Tom Cruise. Rujuk gambar diatas ini. hehe. handsome kan?  tapi tahukah anda dia juga menghidap Dyslexia? tapi dia masih berjaya kan? mmm. Eventhough he suffer from Dyslexia, he can also be a famous artist. orang yang sakit boleh disembuhi. Berdoalah, mintalah pertolongan daripada Allah SWT. and umm, one more thing, people with Dyslexia have normal IQ like we do. The only difference between us is they dont have the ability to read, write but they can talk and communicate like us.

Okay, next, a second problem that we are investigating is an assistive system for children with autism. The language and communication skills of children with autism vary widely. Some children have no functional communication, some are echohalic with extremely limited comprehension and some children do develop language but cannot understand abstractions such as idioms, metaphors and stories. They also have difficulty in abstraction and generalization but are excellent visual thinkers. In simpler words, some can't communicate well and some cant even communicate at all. Their communicate skills are so limited. Some can even have the 2 penyakit as well.

so, thats all there is from me.  I hope you all have some idea of this 2 penyakit, Dyslexia and Autism. I apologize if there is any maklumat which is wrong and not true. I'm not a Doctor, I'm just a student. I do a lot of research of this 2 penyakit. So, I hope it is useful for you all. And umm I also apologize if there is any grammatical errors. I did'nt check it. Till then, Assalammualaikum!


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